Music Videos


We are a professional music video production company based in Ireland.

Here’s a selection of our recent music videos for clients in Ireland and abroad.

EPIC on Facebook



Here’s our brand new #2016 EPICshowreel



The stunning songstress, Chloe Baker, is still a teenager but has penned some of the most haunting songs we’ve ever heard.   Check out our newest narrative music video for her group Bitter’s Kiss.  Now with over 1 million views on facebook!   Watch on Facebook here.



We were delighted to win an award for Best Music Video at this year’s Underground Film Festival for this music video filmed in Paris.  Have a look and a listen here:

Bitter’s Kiss ‘Love Won’t Make You Cry’ Music Video Review



Gossip / rumours and hearsay abound in our new music video for guitar virtuoso Ryan Sheridan’s hit song ‘Hearsay’!



Recently signed by Sony, we are very proud of this live performance and narrative music video “JENNY” for Irish rockers Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green on iTunes



Some great performances in this emotional narrative video for HURRICANE HIGHWAY’s new single “Hey Pretty Girl”.



Hard rocker’s MINDRIOTmt have received serious critical acclaim for their new music.  This is one of our favourite music videos.

Mindriot on Facebook

Mindriot on iTunes



A concept music video we produced for Meteor Choice Prize winner for Album of the Year “Clocks” – JULIE FEENEY // Dear John

Julie Feeney on Facebook

Julie Feeney on iTunes

Dear John music video picked up by USA Today

Irish Times Album of the year ‘Clocks’



A retro-themed music video we produced for Dublin pop duo Dana Donnelley and Ken McHugh: IM YOUR VINYL // Erase It

I’m Your Vinyl on iTunes



A live performance music video we filmed and edited for hard rockers – DISSOLUTES // Storm Gonna Lock You Up



A live narrative music video for Cork singer-songwriter Nicole Maguire // Any Minute Now

Also released on Nicole’s facebook page:



A cinematic music video for VALERRA // Gone Too Far

Valerra on Facebook

Valerra on iTunes



HURRICANE HIGHWAY perform live for their new single – “if it gets you where you wanna go”



A cinematic music video for American-based hip hop group LEL Brothas // Mr My Way

LEL Brothas on Facebook



Multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Lisa Canny performs her debut single LIFELINE







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