Once we sign a contract for a fixed price (all-inclusive), and collect a deposit, we go to work.

At EPIC, we break down the artistic and technical process of music video creation into three phases.

1.  Pre-production includes collaboration on concept development to come up with the overall theme and idea behind the music video.  We go to work on casting and hiring of any required actors, extras or models, location scouting booking and confirmation (if required).  We can provide you with photos and concept art / mood boards to keep you up to date with how the development process is going.  During this phase we also take care of hiring of key crew members – gaffer/lighting technician, as well as a final breakdown of the music video in terms of the overall look – shot and lighting design – before you sign off and we move into production.  Before we start filming, we provide makeup and styling consultations to talk about what you should wear to look your best, and then we provide all costume and props sourcing and hire.  Coming up to the shoot date, we will keep you informed of all production scheduling, location confirmation etc.

2.  When we are ready to start shooting, we move into the production phase.  Production services during principal photography include all the equipment needed (lights, camera, smoke / wind machines, and sound if required).  We bring all our experienced crew – director, producer, cinematographer, gaffer, lighting technician, on-location catering, as well as providing personnel to fill any other required crew roles including makeup, stylist, props, wardrobe, production manager, first assistant director, grip, runners, etc.  We aim to have as much fun as possible during the shoot and often go for a wrap party afterwards to celebrate a job well done.

3.  Once the music video is filmed, we move into post-production.  Here is where we sync to the audio from the recorded files provided by you (or we sync to a live performance track recorded during the filming itself.  We begin the editing process with at least two client revisions provided to you and your band on private links on YouTube, the first of which will be uploaded after the first cut and again after the second cut.  Final colour grading where we make the footage look its absolute best according to the mood of the song.  This happens after you have approved the final cut (picture lock).  Often we swop out the audio track for the final mastered version at this stage if you have a new mix or mastered version.  We can also apply motion graphics to your band name or logo to create a professional image for your music.  Many of our previous clients have used still frames from the video as the artwork for the single or EP associated with the music video.

Above all, we never deviate from the agreed-upon price, and we cover literally every aspect of the production, from concept development through the shoot and to the final cut at the finish line.

Once complete we upload your video in HD to YouTube or Vimeo, and help with promotion across social media as well as our own press releases that can be coordinated with yours.  Our press releases focus on the music video production, and work in tandem with your PR campaign to drive as many viewers as possible to your new music video.


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